How can you bring kindness into your work this week?

Kind words are like honey –
 sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24 NLT

When I think of work, kindness is not a word that comes to mind. Rather my mental vocabulary is driven by the business culture of our day – I think of progress, productivity, growth and the like – and this seeps into my day to day actions.

Then I read this verse and it made me think back to a meeting with a friend last week. He was facing a challenging situation at work with a colleague and he defused over time it by responding in kindness. It was a reminder of the power of gracious words, but also how I often miss the opportunity because I’m not looking for it.

Most of us work closely with many others; co-workers, employees and customers, yet we know very little about how they are doing and what burdens they are carrying. A kind word can brighten an otherwise dark day.

This week my challenge personally, and for you, is to look for opportunities to respond in kindness – either in word or deed – to someone at work, extending the kindness we have received and being the light we are called to be.

~ Sean

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