Do The Work



We are called to specific work, and empowered to do it.

Be strong, and do the work.
1 Chronicles 28:10b NLT

Nestled at the end of First Chronicles is this powerful verse on work. King David is passing the kingdom to his young son Solomon, and specifically giving him the charge to build a temple for God.

In this verse, there are two assumptions. The first is we know the work we need to do, and the second is that the work we are called to do will be hard, probably harder than what we could do on our own.

As I have been taking some time to reflect on the future this summer, I have been asking the question, what work is God calling me to? I think this is a good question to wrestle with. We may not have such a clear calling like Solomon, perhaps just a direction to head or a picture of how things could be.

The next question to ask is, where do I find my strength for work? It is easy to rely on past success or personal ability, but whatever we are leaning on will dictate the work we end up doing.

Personally I have an idea of what my calling in work is, though it is fuzzy. My plan has been to pursue this once we had the financial means. The truth is, God can and will provide. When I trust this, I am free to start working without the need to know exactly how it will come together.

My encouragement to you is to wrestle with these two questions, and then … do the work, not on your own strength, but by him who is calling you.

~ Sean

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