Past Present Future



Where do you dwell most often? The past, the present, or the future?

In the bible, we are called to think about time and our place in it.

  1. We are to learn from the past. The theme of remembrance runs deep, looking back at what God has done in our lives and throughout history.
  2. We are to live in the present. God blesses us abundantly. We are to enjoy him and his gifts and use every moment to glorify him.
  3. We are to Plan for the future. The time we have here is limited. God calls us to make the most of it by planning to do good.

This seems straightforward, but I believe we all have a tendency to put too much focus on one these three areas. We may live in the past, regretting decisions we have made and opportunities lost. We may live only in the present, not thinking about the future or the past. Or we may live in the future, always planning and striving, but not enjoying where we are right now.

Personally, I tend to live in the future, and as a fellow entrepreneur (or intrapreneur) you are probably like me, always striving to do better and thinking about that next step (or five). The danger in thinking like this is not only missing the joy of the moment, but also in missing the amazing work God has already done.

I have tried to regain a proper balance by building in habits and routines that remind me to remember. This includes weekly planning and yearly planning. In addition, I like to periodically journal my thoughts about how things are going personally and professionally, especially during challenging times, then review these notes a few months later.

By finding the right time balance we can live in the joy that God has designed us for, and still achieve the the audacious goals we want to attain for Him.

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT

~ Sean

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