The Customer



A relentless focus on our customer is not optional if we want to do good work that is a blessing to others.

This topic may seem to be simply business advice with no significant consequence to our faith and vocation, however I would argue nothing is further from the truth.

No matter what work you do, whether it is a product or service, delivered by a non-profit, NGO, or corporation, it is done to serve a customer. And this customer should be at the forefront of all business decisions.

This is the “gospel” of business startups, but it is so much more than good advice; it ensures the work we do serves, and even blesses, those neighbours of ours who use it.

This sounds simple, but there are so many distractions in (and outside) a business that cause you to lose focus. I have personally found this comes in a few ways; obsessing over competitors, neglecting ongoing customer feedback, or simply valuing the bottom line over all else.

In addition, if you are not in top role at your organization, it is easy to undervalue your ability to have an impact. I have found this can easily lead to mentally checking out, and simply maintaining status quo.

This week as you approach your work, my encouragement to you is to keep focused on your customer, and think about how you can better serve them, given the role God has placed you in.

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself”.
Matthew 22:39b ESV

~ Sean

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