Vacations are one of those things we know we need, but can be hesitant to take, ironically because of the work that we need a vacation from.

Leaving for our first family vacation in almost a year, I was reminded of how important vacations are and yet how difficult it can be to take them.

We all know the benefit of vacations, but personally I find even a short getaway to be invaluable. The change of routine and place helps me to see beyond the day to day and refocus on what matters most at work – and more importantly – in life. Additionally, disconnecting from technology and prioritizing physical rest does so much for the body and mind.

Despite all this, it can be so hard to pull ourselves away. There is always something important around the corner, and we feel that leaving could have a negative effect on the output of our team (especially a small one). Also, as an entrepreneur, finances can be limited, so spending money to go away seems frivolous or even completely out of reach.

This is something I still struggle with, but here are some tips that have been beneficial to me.

  1. Start small. A vacation doesn’t have to be two weeks, or even one. A few days away can do so much.
  2. Think local. When I hear vacation, the image of a Caribbean beach comes to mind, but all our vacations in the past few years have been driving distance – and yet they have been just as special as a trip to the other side of the world.
  3. Just book it. There is never a perfect time to get away. Booking forces you to make it happen.
  4. Use your flexibility. Many of us have flexibility with the hours and days that we work. Going away mid-week can be cheaper and much less busy.
  5. Trust your team. Remember that things will continue on without you. Plan ahead, but don’t think your role is too important to rest from.

Once you are on vacation, there is one more thing, and that may be the hardest – don’t work! On that note, I’m going back to relaxing.

~ Sean

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