Maybe you want to add a storefront to your website, or build an app to better serve your users, or simply make your site work harder.

Whatever your goal, I work with you to plan, design and build the best solution.

How It Works



It’s time to get started. We work together to define a clear vision of the problem you are solving and who you are solving it for. I then help you map out the requirements that will best solve this problem.



Taking the requirements and lessons from the planning phase, we now get visual. Beginning with rough paper sketches and moving to detailed mockups I work with you to design exactly how your solution will look.



Finally, building can begin! At this stage I work with you to choose the right technologies for this project. I then begin development, or can work with you to help find appropriate talent.



For a more in-depth version, this PDF outlines the key steps I believe are vital to bring a digital product to live.

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“Sean's a miracle worker - does amazing work in no time at all.”

Chris Norton

“Sean is a passionate product guy ... He's the ally you'd like on your team”

Flo Devellennes

“ Sean exceeded our expectations throughout the project with the timeliness and quality of his work”

Aaron Fedora

“Sean ... is innovative as well as creative and he is amazing at bringing ideas to life”

Sahar Hosseini

“I was really impressed with how quickly Sean completed each step of the project”

Tegan Woo

“Sean communicated clearly at every step of the project ... He has a keen eye for details and a strong sense of good user experience.”

Sandra Phillips

“Sean was fantastic to work with through every step - from determining what I wanted the focus of my website to be, to design, to creating an interface that I can manage.”

Amanda Perry

Let’s Get Started

Ready to bring your digital product to market? Contact me and we can start the conversation.

Bonus points for businesses or non-profits looking to make this world a better place.

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