Raspberry Pi Receipt Printer

A fun internet of things project, connecting a receipt printer and a raspberry pi to print a daily newspaper from online content.

Project Details

Date: Sep 2017

Tools: Raspberry pi, receipt printer, bash, python

After seeing the Little Printer back in 2012, I have always wanted one of my own. The idea of analog output in this digital age is so enticing, especially when so much of our work is on the screen and very intangible.

I finally bought the supplies late last year, but due to various projects, was unable to get it started until this summer. After way too much bash programming, I have the printer running with two main programs.

The first is a daily newspaper that is built from a number of online sources, including a verse of the day, weather, local news, global news and a cartoon.

The second is a dedicated email account that prints out any image or text attachment, and is useful for printing todo lists and recipes.

There is much more I would like to do with this, and will be sharing all the code and lessons in a github project (see link below).

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