Whys Learning

Whys Learning was a web application with interactive activities that helped parents build their child's social skills.

Project Details

Date: Jan 2015

Client: Whys Learning

Role: Founder

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Wordpress & More

Whys Learning was a personal venture of mine, birthed out of my transition into fatherhood. As I read about the importance of social skills, I wanted to help parents equip their children for the future.

Over the course of two years I started and ran Whys Learning; interviewing parents to solidify the product concept, designing the product interface (with support from a few good designers – Flo & Amanda), and building it from the ground up.

In addition to building the product, I worked with a few professors at UBC and SFU to create content that was age appropriate and validated to ensure real results. All art for the site was created by Nicole Manuel, an amazingly talented illustrator!

Unfortunately the venture did not gain enough traction to continue, but it was an amazing learning experience.