It is our responsibility to seek out the biases we have and help those who experience challenges that we may not.

Whether we like it or not, our race, gender, looks, and even our personality greatly effect our vocational opportunities and experiences.

Personally, I must say that in my career I’ve had very few negative experiences and can be blind to the challenges (and outright discrimination) others face.

Over the past week I had the opportunity to interact and learn from some amazing people, including a panel on fundraising as a female and a long conversation with two founders who have fought (and still fight) biases and barriers due to their skin color.

As I reflect on the conversations, I realize just how important it is to proactively learn about the challenges others face.

But it doesn’t stop there. As Christians we are called to fight for those who don’t have the same opportunities we do. This may include hiring someone from an underrepresented group or mentoring a student from a disadvantaged background. And of course, anytime we see discrimination in our work, speaking out against it no matter the cost.

As you enter this new week I encourage you to look for the biases in your work that may be affecting others and actively seek ways to share the opportunities we have been blessed with.

~ Sean

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