Give First



Not only are we called to give generously, but when we do give, it’s personally fulfilling and beneficial long term.

Recently my startup joined a business accelerator that puts huge emphasis on giving first. It is amazing how a focus on this made such a significant impact. In our first week together, there were literally hundreds of offers for support in one way or another.

Being in this environment was unbelievably energizing, and made you want to give more and do better. However this isn’t normal. Our natural inclination in work is to compete and our business culture puts a huge emphasis on winning, often at all costs.

As Christians we are called to be different, and part of that is to have a heart of service, giving rather than taking. Therefore, as Christians in business, our work, our companies, and our careers, should all be markedly different – and this same spirit of giving that I experienced should be the norm.

The crazy thing about giving first is not only that it gives personal fulfillment (contrary to what we would think about seeking our own needs first) but that it leads to so many blessing in our work, much more so than if we held on to our gifts tightly. God loves a cheerful giver, and he multiplies our giving in ways we can’t imagine.

As you enter this week, I encourage you to think about ways you can give first, whether it is taking time to meet with someone who could benefit from your experience and wisdom or just having lunch with a co-worker who needs to talk.

~ Sean

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