Good Work



As Christians, we are called to do good work, even if it is unexciting, unseen, or unappreciated.

If we are working for the Lord, then we have no excuse for doing mediocre work. We are to work for him and for his glory in all we do. Yet no matter our vocation, we will at sometime face the temptation to do just enough.

Personally I have experienced this many times in my career; the best example was at a job where I was assigned to design a new product interface. It was a project I was excited for and put a great deal of energy into. Unfortunately, all the hard work was discarded with poor reason, and it left me feeling dejected and mentally checked out. I wish I could say that I still continued to work to the best of my ability, but I don’t believe I did.

My poor work ethic in this situation stemmed from two things; why I was working, and my understanding of work. In this case – at least partially – I was working for what I got out of it. Also, my understanding of work led me to believe that the purpose of my work was simply for the end result.

This is not true.

God calls us to the work we do, not only for what we are building – and sometimes not even for that – but for what he is teaching us through it.

In addition, as most of us don’t work in isolation, God uses our work and our workplaces to let us show how Christians work differently, even if it is how we handle disappointment and challenges.

Remembering these truths are important as they encourage us to be better workers and co-workers, and keep us steady through the setbacks we face in our daily toil.

Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the LORD enthusiastically
Romans 12:11 NLT

~ Sean

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