Our Best



How we serve is more important than if we serve. God doesn’t want our ‘just enough’.

Be sure to give to the LORD the best portions of the gifts given to you.
Numbers‬ ‭ 18:29 NLT

God wants our best. Throughout the Bible this is called the first fruits, literally the first of the crop. God calls his people to give their best to him, as a sign of thanksgiving, and of trust that he will give enough.

One of the biggest ways we give today is in our service. When we see our lives rightly, all our work, whether paid or not, raising a family or raising a fund, is serving God. Yet I have found it to be more natural to not serve well.

It could be a job that we see no future opportunity in, or a boss who is constantly undermining our efforts, or something we do to just get a cheque. Whatever the reason, we justify our mediocrity due to externalities, rather than a heart that is serving self first.

I have also seen this inclination in my volunteering, doing work that is just passable, as it is done in my spare time, and isn’t my main focus, and hey I’m doing it for free so isn’t that enough?

But when we serve well, when we do a project to the very best of our abilities, especially in the face of opposition, we are bringing Glory to God. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, we can trust that he will keep blessing us so that we may bless others.

My encouragement this week is to examine your work and look for any areas where you are tempted to give less than your best, then seek to give your all, knowing it is for God.

~ Sean

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