The whole person



When we interact with others at work, we must remember that they are more than workers, but a whole person that is going through more than we may know.

This past week has a been a challenging one for me personally. Yet, if you were working with me, you probably didn’t know. I may have been more distracted at times, or less gracious with my words, but there would have been little other indication.

The thing is, this is true of all those we work with. We are all experiencing ups and downs. It may be planning a big life event, struggling with an illnesses, or mourning the loss of someone dear. Though we try and keep it separate, it will follow us to work, even if we don’t realize.

As Christians we are called to put people first. Loving our neighbour – this would include our colleagues – is second only to love God. How can this look practically at work? First, we are to build relationships with our co-workers, so that we will have more insight into their lives and be able to support them in word and deed. Second, we must have ample grace with others, remembering that there is often more to a persons behaviour than we are aware.

I know these things to be true, but I find it difficult to do. It is so much easier to get into work mode, and focus on the project at hand, ignoring those opportunities to be a better witness.

My encouragement to us all is to remember the whole person in every interaction, so that we might be able to show God’s love in a tangible way.

~ Sean

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