Surrounding yourself with smart individuals who will challenge your assumptions is one of the best ways to level up your business.

Startups are full of hypotheses; ideas you believe to be true, and work to prove. Yet it is easy for these hypotheses to become assumed facts based anecdotal evidence or simply enough repetition.

This is why we need fresh perspectives; different individuals who understand the nuances of our business to really challenge our assumptions, from marketing tactics to long term vision, and everything in between.

Over the past week I had an amazing experience, surrounded by over 30 unique individuals from a range of backgrounds, the very foundation of my startup was questioned, helping me dive into the things I thought I knew and start to build it up even stronger.

This experience was humbling too. I find it so easy to become overconfident, with a bit of success I can look around and think that I have it all figured out. But among a cohort of super smart people, it brings you back to reality and I think that is a good thing.

God has given us different talents in different measures, and they are all from him and for him. It is silly to think that we earned them, and even worse, to let them go to waste.

I encourage you to find other individuals to challenge your assumptions, and help you maximize your talents in work and in life, it is the least we can do with the amazing gifts we have been given.

~ Sean

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