Doing the work we are called to will be hard at times, so we need strategies for handling the inevitable temptation to procrastinate.

There is always lots of work to do, however we know that some work is more important. Unfortunately, the important work isn’t always work we want to do.

Perhaps its making that sales call, or taking time to respond to an email sitting in your inbox. Whatever it is, there will be important tasks that we will want to avoid, even if we use good work to avoid them.

Writing this letter was actually one of those tasks for me. Usually I write my letter near the end of the week or at the latest, during the weekend. However, I didn’t get to it this weekend and knew I should tackle it first thing in the morning.

But I didn’t. Instead, I started on a task that is important no doubt, but not as urgent, and also more rewarding. This led me to think about procrastination and how I try to fight it.

Knowing what is important, prioritizing my projects and, planning weekly always helps. Additionally being aware of the distractions that tempt me and sharing my priorities with others to keep me accountable are both beneficial.

But there is one last thing that I find can help more than any. Before starting work, I try and write the key tasks I need to complete in order of priority. I didn’t do that today, and it led a healthy amount of procrastination.

My encouragement to you is to find systems and practices that help you do the work you need to do, and then remember to actually use them 🙂

~ Sean

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