Unlimited Resources



As Christians we have all the resources we need to live according to God’s plan. But do we live like we know this?

“What would you do if you had a million dollars?”

This is a common question used to help people find a career they enjoy if their financial burdens or motivations didn’t exist. It is something I think about from time to time, and never had an answer until recently. I imagined having the freedom to use my skills to give back more, mentoring and spending time on projects that may not be able to pay well or even at all.

Then biking to work this summer I had an epiphany; I do have all I need, and much more, why can’t I start working in this way? God promises to provide for our needs when we seek Him first, and I have seen his provision again and again. If I truly believe this, I could work as if I had all the resources today, not some future time when I have enough time and money to comfortably work for less.

Now I have struggled to maintain this viewpoint, but over the past few months it has shaped how I work and what I have said yes to. This has been a freeing experience, as I can take on work that doesn’t make financial sense, and still know that God has got me.

As you think about your own response to this question, remember (and meditate on) the fact that God has richly blessed us with all the blessings we need to flourish accordingly to his plan.

~ Sean

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