Getting started is often the hardest step when tackling an ambitious project.

After starting my first business (and even after it failed a few years later), I had many people in my life comment on the bravery to try something new and their dream to do the same one day.

Unfortunately our dreams are often stifled before we get the chance to start by the fear of failure. Starting something new is risky; there are many unknowns, and the path to success is long and daunting. For those thinking of starting I want to encourage you in three ways.

  1. Start now. The best time to start a project is now, even if it’s just preparation. This could be learning a new skill or building up an audience online – often things that can be done part-time but put you way ahead when you officially start.
  2. Start small. This doesn’t mean only chase small dreams, but rather, figure out the smallest thing you can do to move your dream forward. This ensures you learn quickly, and don’t waste time perfecting the unnecessary.
  3. Share. Until your share your idea, whether it’s a product or a service, art or writing, you don’t know how it will be received. As the saying goes ship early, ship often. Get something out and get real feedback, don’t obsess about getting it perfect at first.

For almost everyone, time is our most limited resource. By starting now and maximizing your resources, you have the best chance of turning your dreams into reality, and making the biggest positive dent you can in this world.

~ Sean

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