Why This, Why Now



My goal is to encourage fellow Christian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in their vocational purpose and productivity, based on biblical truths and life experience.

Over the past 15 years I have been working on and in tech startups to bring new software to life. This has been an exhilarating time of personal and career growth, and of course, many challenges.

Throughout this time, I have continually sought to find ways to work smarter; learning new processes, implementing new systems, and refining my current workflow. These are good things that I like to share, but on their own they are not enough.

As the years have gone by, I have greatly matured in my faith, and really dug deep into the connection between my vocation and faith. Studying and applying these truths has lead me to experience a greater excitement for work, a stronger faith, and a deeper sense of purpose – more than any process ever could.

My goal is to merge these experiences to encourage fellow Christian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – that is people who love Jesus and want to do good work in businesses of any size – to think about our vocational purpose (why we work) and our vocational productivity (how we work), so that we might be able to do the most good for God’s glory while we are here.

This writing will be based on how I integrate my faith and my work, and the processes and tools that help me do it better, mixing biblical truths with personal experiences and practical advice.

My hope is that this can be encouraging and challenging, without being overly philosophical or prescriptive.

I gladly welcome feedback to letters@sb3k.com.

~ Sean

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