Leather Pencil Case

This is a custom leather pencil case I made based on the art supplies I carry frequently. Created as part of an online course with Coursera.

Project Details

Date: Dec 2012

Tools: Sketchup, Pencil & Paper, Cardboard, Leather, Sewing machine

Back in 2012 I started a course on Design through Coursera. Through the course, the goal was to find a design problem and apply the lessons to come up with a solution – either physical or digital.

My design challenge was the ability to bring my art supplies on the go. I like to take pens, pencils, a notebook and more when I go to a talk or a coffee shop, but I didn’t have a great way to bring them with me.

Each week of this course involved something different – looking deeper into the problem, discussing with others who have a similar need, exploring potential solutions, and finally building multiple prototypes. As my solution involved fabric and leather, I had to bring in the big guns, my wife. She did much of the sewing and taught me along the way.