Office Furniture

Simple table and storage furniture for the office from free wood.

Project Details

Date: Apr 2017

Tools: Table saw, circular saw, belt sander

Recently I received some wood from a neighbour, including an old bed frame. I had wanted to redo my office, and ended up building a table, bookcase and record player stand.

For both the bookcase and the record player stand the bed slats were the perfect size for the shelves. The sides of the were 2×10’s cut to the width of the slats. The shelves were then joined using pocket-holes underneath. After a simple coat of oil it turned out fairly well.

For the table I ripped three of the 2×10’s to 8″ wide and trimmed them to 7′ in length. After a quick sand I joined them with pocket holes and gave the top a coat of clear varathane. The legs are Ikea Lerberg trestles, they are cheap and maximize table space under the table.

Overall I am very happy, especially for the price.