Success Tracker

Success Tracker is a web application that helps Real Estate agents achieve their goals.

Project Details

Date: Sep 2015

Client: Ender Ilkay

Role: Plan, design & build

Tools: Sketch, Wordpress & Sendwithus

I was hired to take an existing Success tracker web application and improve the user experience and interface to better meet the client’s needs. The biggest goal was increasing the number of users who entered their metrics daily.

This goal was achieved by making it REALLY easy to enter daily metrics – the layout was designed to be extremely mobile friendly, especially for entering numbers on a touch device. In addition, a daily email reminder was sent to ensure busy users didn’t forget.

This project was built on WordPress, leveraging the existing user management and content management systems to make it easy for the client to add content, with complete customization of the front-end user experience, and extensive backend improvements for storing and viewing user data.