God is at work



God is at work today in and through our work, even when we don’t necessarily see it.

Over coffee with a friend recently, we were discussing things that we were working on, or a part of. This conversation was really encouraging to us both, as we learned about work God was doing in areas we were completely unaware of.

This led me to to think about all the people I know serving God in the areas He has given them a passion for. We may not see it in the news or on social media, but God is at work in a big way through people like you and me.

I personally know fervent Christians using their gifts through sport, business, finance, politics, arts, youth work, education, technology, healthcare and more. And this is only people I know.

Many of these are not areas that I have a heart for, but when I hear about the work they are doing, I am given a glimpse into the plan that God is working out right now in our city and beyond.

My encouragement to you is to talk with other Christians about the work God is calling you to, and to hear what they are doing too. As you listen to these stories, may it lead you to wonder and to worship.

~ Sean

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