Vision & mission



Having a clear vision and mission for your life, and for the ventures you start or join, will directly impact how much you achieve.

Whenever I start working with an organization, whether a team or an individual, I always start at the vision. Without a clear vision (why) and mission (what) that everyone is aligned to, a project can’t be successful.

If we want to be as productive as possible in our time here, having a clear vision and mission for our life; why we are here and what we wish to achieve, is just as important as it is for work.

There are many reasons that vision and mission are so critical, but here are three key ones:

  1. Decision Making. In work and in life we are constantly making decisions. When we have a clear vision, every decision can be weighed against it, making the choice clear (though not necessarily easier).
  2. Perseverance. Life is hard. Work is hard, and as an entrepreneur, very unpredictable. Having a vision to look to daily connects the work to a steady purpose.
  3. Glorify Redirecting. When we work hard on a project, it can easily become our identity; if it succeeds we are proud and if it fails we are dejected. Having a God-given mission and vision reminds us that it is all about Him.

The process of defining your vision and mission can be daunting. The book Whats Best Next has been incredibly helpful for me, and doing it as a study with a few good friends was invaluable. I can’t say I have my life mission clearly written, but I am getting closer and its exciting to see it come together.

If this seems altogether too conceptual I want to encourage you with an example that was mentioned in the book. William Wilberforce had an audacious God-given life mission; to abolish slavery. Using his vocation as a politician and his personal passion and energy, he was ultimately successful, impacting the lives of countless souls.

Remember that we all have unique skills, abilities and passions that God has given us, and he wants to use for his glory in this time and place. Will you?

~ Sean

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